The Dating Dance

Allow me to admit, that when it comes to women I haven’t played my own cards right. You’ve seen it on this blog admittedly a number of failures on my part when it comes to women. However, I do consider myself among those men who these very accomplished women overlook.

I would love to have a professional woman as my girlfriend, however, one of my problems have been how do I get one. I had the opportunity to utilize a matchmaker and I’m just not going to bulls**t you, she seemed disappointed. She realized I wasn’t a catch for any of her older and professional clients. Although she offered her services at a charity rate, other things going on in my life caused me to not take her up on her offer. To be fair, this was a blow to my ego as it seems I have a far worse issue on my hands and this matchmaker was one indication.

Regardless I’m a virgin and yes I did or have believed in sex after marriage. How many of those women would value that? Who would value the idea that a man would save themselves? I’ve met people who couldn’t understand that and met with ridicule, even then my only handicap is that I’m not known to date.

As Steve Harvey indicated, these women are looking for men who make more money than them and they’re looking for corporate execs like them. they don’t want a man who perhaps doesn’t mind staying at home and tending to the house and children – not that I’d want to and if I did there will be a side hustle. Perhaps these women set the bar so high for a mate that no one met them back in college and now they have to play catch up and the clock is running out!

MGTOW 101 is the name of this YouTube channel to the video you see above. “men going their own way” eh? I wonder what this is about and the above video is one indication I suppose.

6 thoughts on “The Dating Dance

  1. There are older virgin women who are waiting to get married and not for money. No one announces their status to the world because of ridicule. You will have to delve in the conservative Christian world to find such a gem.

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  2. Claims that women (or men, for that matter) want some generic thing are just nonsense. I don’t want a man for his money. In fact, I could not care less about how much money he makes – but there are ideals that sit below wealth that do matter to me – such as education, intelligence, life success (eg, has a job or is studying, and is not destitute, criminal or morally bankrupt). Compatibility is a tricky thing and unpredictable. Finding your needle in a haystack is also tricky. I look forward to reading your blog and discovering your story.

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    • Yeah, I’ve learned that it’s tricky. My experience has been that even if you did have your life together it doesn’t take much to turn a good impression into a bad one. And finding a needle in the haystack is hard. It’s also hard when you realize there are other people looking for that needle.

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