Race & MGTOW


Often when writing this blog I write this as racially neutral as possible. Of course if anyone is curious about my race – as much as I wanted to de-emphasize this – there are some hints to this. For those who know what to look for the evidence is right in front of you. Regardless, I often stay away from the issue of race though only in the context of potential mates because I could always date someone different from my background.

With this said this post from Shannon in Kansas City blog declared MGTOW “white people’s business”. She further declares that any black man that declares themselves MGTOW are only following a movement that really is about average white men expressing their own frustrations with educated white women. Educated white women have more options and also could choose to remain single if they find no compatible partners. Educated white women could also choose to focus on their careers instead of just seeking a compatible mate.

The reason why any man chooses to go their own way is varied. For me, I hadn’t always had much luck as far as dating and these days instead of focusing on finding that woman I just try to improve myself. Improving myself includes the job, but certainly it means having some social goals as it’s one reason why I missed out on that time when I should’ve met that woman.

So basically MGTOW isn’t as simple as average white men frustrated with the achievements of educated white women. My observation of MGTOW has often revolved around for example men being hurt by a woman they had relationships with. Also men commonly believe women have it easy in the world. As far as society here in America at least women have it easy especially when it comes to divorces, courts will generally be more generous to a divorcee than to a man who’s marriage is broken up. It might be as far as alimony, division of assets, or even who gets the children.

I would dare say the black men seen in a video from a MGTOW channel seen on this blog last month illustrated a group of men who are going their own way. They have their own reasons for going their own way if they term their journey in that way. Perhaps Shannon’s post could just as easily be about those men.

So to speak for myself I don’t have disdain for women. I hope to meet the right woman in the future. I don’t begrudge an educated woman and desire one for myself as I’m educated also. My reasons to wave the MGTOW flag isn’t the same as on any YouTube channel or facebook page.

Also to comment on this:

There are a lot of problems in the Black community and I think that Black men should focus their energy on something other than disdain for women. Even if they don’t want to marry or involve themselves with women Black men have much bigger fish to fry than MGTOW concerns. For example, I think that inner city crime is a more pressing matter. How about all that police brutality? Black men simply don’t have the time.

Police brutality and inner city crime are important. What about fatherless children? What about a quality education for children? Why aren’t black men and women getting married to give their black sons & daughters a stable family and home?

Disdain for women no, for me the state of relationships between men and women are as easily an issue to worry about as issues Shannon mentions for example. So as I go my own way, it’s important to just as easily look at the state of relationships between men and women. Perhaps there is a reason for black men going MGTOW.

My 2¢ as always.

5 thoughts on “Race & MGTOW

  1. There is definitely a lot of issues in the black community but people make their individual choices about their lives. Ultimately, when these men make their choices, hopefully it helps not only themselves but to uplift the community ie. keep an intact family, emphasize education, giving back/mentoring etc.

    I think these days, everyone wants to control everyone else’s lives and thoughts (assuming they are not making choices that will cause harm or criminal activities). At the end of the day, you have to look at yourself and be contented with your choices.

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